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The 41 Hardest Ab Exercises

Think you’re hardcore — or that you have a hard core? Prove it! These 41 midsection-mangling moves are some of the most ad...

How to Train Like Mr. Universe

There is no magic pill, there is no magic book, there is no secret to natural competitive bodybuilding....

The Best Gear for All Your Outdoor Adventures

Take a page from the Boy Scout handbook and always be prepared for your outdoor adventures. While some of the best experiences out...

10 Playful Yoga Poses to Practice With a Partner

Traditionally, yoga has been a solo practice. It’s a time of self-reflection and introspection. But it doesn’t always ...

Get Serious Results With One Simple Strength Training Change

Learn why you need to incorporate eccentric movements into your training program to make you the best athlete you can be!...

10 Fitness Bucket List Goals to Train For

It’s not just fun to ponder a bucket list, hone it and then eventually (hopefully) check things off of it. The process also ...

Moves to Shrink Your Belly, Butt and Thighs

Use these seven exercises to target, tone and tighten that trouble zone: your belly, butt and thighs. ...

15 New Burpees You Must Try

Trendy exercises come and go. Some have been around, and will stay around, because they’ve proven themselves effective when ...

10 Compound Moves for Greater Pump in Less Time

Between commuting to work, picking up the kids, fixing dinner and finding time for yourself, workouts are hard to squeeze in. Who ...

11 Essential Yoga Poses Everyone Should Practice

Ancient yoga tradition describes thousands -- and by some accounts, tens of thousands -- of yoga postures. But chances are, with y...
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