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Pollen Allergy

Allergies to Grass and Pollen: Does Contracting Parasites Help?

You don’t often read about the potential health benefits of parasites -- those tiny, sometimes microscopic organisms respons...

Allergy Symptoms From Bee Pollen

Doctors practicing complimentary medicine might prescribe bee pollen for various ailments. Bee pollen is purported to help with st...

Tiny Red Bumps All Over Your Face

Red bumps on your face can have a variety of causes. A rash can be caused by an allergic reaction to something in your environment...

Can You Get Body Aches With Pollen Allergies?

Allergies can produce a variety of symptoms, but one thing everyone affected with allergies experiences is discomfort. People can ...

Allergy to Bradford Pear Tree Pollen

While many people look forward to getting out in the warm spring weather after hibernating through the winter, allergy sufferers d...

A Pollen Allergy: Symptoms of a Sore Throat

A sore throat is discomfort, pain or swelling in the throat, according to MedlinePlus. A pollen allergy causes the hormone, histam...

Cedar Allergy Symptoms

Cedar allergy, or cedar fever, is a form of seasonal allergic rhinitis that shares the usual hay fever symptoms. Some types of ced...

Oak Pollen Allergy Symptoms

Spring brings leaves to the oak trees and sends oak pollen into the air, causing millions of allergy sufferers to reach for the an...

Allergies to Night-Blooming Jasmine

From the warm tropics, the tender night-blooming jasmine -- Cestrum nocturnum -- thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8...

Signs & Symptoms of Allergies to Pollen

Pollen is a small grain found in male plants that is used for reproduction. Unfortunately, it is also the most common cause of all...
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