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Stomach Pooch Exercises

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Stomach Pooch Exercises
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Fat found under the belly button is often referred to as a pouch. Whatever you choose to call it, you know how frustrating this abdominal fat is. The way to get rid of it is by doing the right blend of exercises. Any time you work one area of your stomach, you are actually working the whole stomach because the rectus abdominis is one continuous muscle. That being said, you can still do exercises that place more emphasis on the lower area.

Cadiovascular Exercise

To lose the fat that makes up your pouch, perform cardiovascular exercise. If you do not have any joint issues, run or jump rope. If you do have joint problems, stick with low-impact exercise like swimming, elliptical training, rowing, stair climbing, versa climbing or step aerobics. Work out for 45 to 60 minutes, four of more days a week. If you do not break a sweat or get winded, increase your intensity.

Pendulum Planks

Pendulum planks work the upper and lower abs, the obliques on your sides and your lower back muscles. To do these, get into a pushup position then move your hands so they are directly below your shoulders. Step your right foot out to your side at an angle, place it on the floor and hold for three seconds. Lift your right foot then place it back in the starting position and repeat with your left foot. Alternate back and forth in a steady motion for five repetitions per side. Increase the difficulty by not letting your toes touch down when you move your leg out to the side.


Sliders require a slippery floor and a set of towels. Not only do these work your abs, but they also elevate your heart rate. After placing your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor, place each foot on a towel behind you and raise your hips to form a straight back. You should be in a regular plank position at this point. In a steady motion, slide your right foot forward as you bring your knee up toward your chest. Quickly slide your right foot back while sliding your left foot forward. Continue sliding your feet in this alternating motion for 10 total repetitions.


A corkscrew works your abs from a face-up position on the floor. While lying on your back, place your arms out to your sides at a slight angle and straighten your legs. Steadily lift your legs toward your head and lift your hips off the floor. As you do this, slightly twist your lower body to your right. Hold for a second, lower your hips back down and repeat to your left side. Alternate back and forth for 10 total reps.

Knee Raise

A knee raise works the abs with the help of a captain's chair. To do this exercise, stand on the foot holds with your forearms on the padded supports and hands on the handles. Steadily lift your feet off the holds and let your legs hang straight down. Pull your knees up toward your chest and squeeze your abs forcefully. Slowly lower your legs and repeat for 10 reps. To increase the challenge, keep your legs straight.

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