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Ab Exercises

15-Minute Abdominal Exercises

This challenging workout takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Your body weight provides resistance so you do not need any equipment. Keep...

Problems With the Exerciser 2000 Elite

Many exercise machines are on the market today. One known as the Exerciser 2000 Elite is a chi machine, which is retailed at $349....

Abdominal Exercises for Prolapsed Women

When your pelvic floor muscles and ligaments are damaged or weakened by childbirth, you may experience genital prolapse, which is ...

Sports That Strengthen the Abdominal Muscles

If you want flat abs and well-defined core muscles, you can get them without doing thousands of crunches as long as you pick the r...

How Can You Avoid Getting Square Obliques?

Individuals typically strive for strong and toned -- rather than thick and “squared” -- oblique muscles. Bodybuilders ...

Electric Abdominal Belt Exercise

Electrical abdominal belts stimulate the muscles of the abdomen to contract and release, thereby giving them a passive workout wit...

How to Make Your Stomach Appear Flatter

Your hours spent doing crunches do have core-improving benefits, but one exercise creates the appearance of a flatter stomach. The...

Navy SEALs Abdominal Exercises

Navy SEALs are an elite group of military special operators, and prospective SEALs must go through one of the most intense trainin...

The Best Exercise in Water to Tone the Stomach Area

A toned stomach is the goal of many exercise enthusiasts. However, many ab and oblique exercises are difficult and may strain your...

Why Is My Child's Stomach Big?

A bloated or distended stomach is usually an uncomfortable condition, regardless of the cause. It can be worrisome to parents if t...
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