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Can Eating Certain Foods Stop Hair From Falling Out?

| By Kristin Davis
Can Eating Certain Foods Stop Hair From Falling Out?
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A healthy, balanced diet is essential for proper hair growth and to prevent hair loss. Hair loss can impact your social life and self-confidence. Certain foods are beneficial for those who suffer from hair loss, as certain vitamins promote hair growth over other vitamins.


Eating fruits that are rich in vitamin C can help remedy hair loss. Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, is not stored within your body and is necessary for the growth and repair of tissues, according to MedlinePlus. Vitamin C also contains many antioxidants that help your body block free radicals. All fruits contain some amount of vitamin C, but the best fruits to eat are strawberries, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, watermelon, papaya, mango and all types of berries. The recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 75 mg per day for women and 90 mg per day for men, reports MedlinePlus.

Peas, Beans and Lentils

Zinc has been used to enhance wound healing since ancient Egyptian times, notes MedlinePlus. Zinc also has other beneficial properties besides healing wounds such as aiding in treating alopecia areata. The recommended dosage for zinc to treat alopecia areata is 220 mg twice per day. Foods that are rich in zinc include peas, lentils, beans, peanuts, beef, lamb and pork.

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Meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, pork and fish are all rich in protein. Protein is important for your hair because hair itself consists primarily of protein. If you&rsquo;re not eating your recommended daily allowance of meat, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that you will see visible hair loss within two to three months. When your body isn&rsquo;t getting the proper amount of protein, it will store any protein that you consume for later use and shifts hair growth into a resting phase. The process is similar to when your body goes into starvation mode and stores fats for later use. Hair loss due to a lack of protein can be reversed and prevented by increasing your daily intake of protein. If you are a vegetarian, you can still make sure you get enough protein by eating plenty of seeds, nuts and beans.

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