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What Is a Hammer Strength Chest Press?

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What Is a Hammer Strength Chest Press?
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Hammer Strength is a line of elite strength equipment produced by the Life Fitness Corporation, which is owned by Brunswick Corporation. Hammer Strength initially only produced plate-loaded machines but has expanded to offer selectorized machines and other strength and fitness equipment. One piece of selectorized equipment made by Hammer Strength is the chest press machine.

Target Muscles

The primary movers that are used by the Hammer Strength chest press include the pectoralis major and minor as well as the triceps brachii. In addition, muscles of the shoulder, back and core act to assist the prime movers.


Hammer Strength uses its patened iso-lateral technology in the chest press. This replicates natural human motion and is a biomechanical advantage. The general motion of the machines begins with you in a seated position with your hands on angled grips at chest height with the elbows bent. You will then press the handles forward and up, extending your arms. When you have reached the end of your range of motion, you will lower the weight stack slowly as you move back into the starting position.


This machine is heavy, weighing in at 765 lbs. This includes the two weight stacks that will be used by the lifter. The weight stacks are 150 lbs. a piece, which together make up nearly half the weight of the entire machine. The machine is 40 inches long by 68 inches wide and has a height of 77 inches.


The frame is made of 11-gauge steel to ensure maximum structural integrity. The frame has an electrostatic powder coat to enhance durability. The cushioned padding is molded with radius on edge for better comfort. The weight plates are solid steel, and the top plate is fitted with a self-lubricating bushing. The weight selector pin is made so that it magnetically locks in place. Hand grips are made of a rubber compound that is non-marking and very resilient.


The Hammer Strength chest press incorporates iso-lateral technology that allows you to move both arms at the same time, one arm at a time, or alternate arms. The machine also has two weight stacks so that you may use the same or two different weights for each arm. This can be a great asset if you are recovering from injury or addressing a muscle imbalance. The machine also features a short, direct transmission of resistance through a belt-drive system that ensures performance and sturdiness.


The Hammer Strength chest press comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the structural frame. Several other components are covered by a five-year warranty, including the pillow blocks, pulleys, weight plates and guide rods. A one-year warranty covers the belts and grips, and there is a 90-day warranty for the upholstery, springs and other non-specified items.

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