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How to Relieve the Feeling of Overeating

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author image Shannon Hyland-Tassava
Shannon Hyland-Tassava has more than 16 years experience as a clinical health psychologist, wellness coach and writer. She is a health columnist for the "Northfield (Minn.) News" and has also contributed to "Motherwords," "Macalester Today" and two essay anthologies, among other publications. Hyland-Tassava holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Illinois.
How to Relieve the Feeling of Overeating
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Most people have experienced episodes of overeating. Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions often involve overindulgence in foods and drinks. Alternatively, feelings of stress, boredom, depression and anxiety can sometimes lead to overeating. No matter the cause, eating too much at one time leads to physical discomfort. Stomachaches, bloating, gas and indigestion can all develop after a bout of overeating, making you feel even worse about overindulging. There is a few, easy actions that you can take to help ease your discomfort.

Step 1

Take an antacid. Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute states that over-the-counter antacids can help indigestion, which may be caused by overeating. Follow the package directions for dosage, and consult your doctor for a prescription antacid if your stomach discomfort does not improve.

Step 2

Try peppermint herbal tea, advises MayoClinic.com. Peppermint is often used to settle the stomach and relieve digestive distress. Herbal tea with peppermint is available at any supermarket or health-food store.

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Step 3

Go for a long walk. Moving around speeds along digestion, which should help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of fullness. In addition, getting some exercise after overeating will burn some calories to balance out your caloric intake.

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