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The Advantages of Having Strong Pecs

author image Cat North
Cat North began writing for the Web in 2007. Her work appears on various websites such as WORK.COM and info.com. Her writing expertise includes dance, fitness, health, nutrition, media, Web, education and business. She holds a Bachelor of Science in radio, television and film from the University of Texas and a Master of Business Administration in computer information systems from City University.
The Advantages of Having Strong Pecs
A man is training his chest muscles with a cable machine. Photo Credit Ibrakovic/iStock/Getty Images

Well-defined muscles, especially those in the chest, arms and shoulders, typically signify virility and strength. Whether you see it on a television advertisement or at the beach, strong pectoral muscles tend to send a universal message about men and their capabilities. However, strong pecs provide physical advantages for women too, and can help enhance a woman’s appearance. Healthy pectoral muscles are essential when it comes to posture, movement and power.

Pectoral Muscles

The chest includes large muscles. The pectoral muscles are made up of the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. These muscles work in coordination with neck, shoulder, arm and core muscles to produce power and movement. Like the core, the chest is a source, and a sign, of overall strength. For example, chest muscles enable bodybuilders to lift heavy weights.

Adding Strength

Pectoral muscles, or pecs, not only provide movement and strength but also stability for shoulders and the body’s skeletal structure. With strong pecs, you can push objects with less effort, and you can better avoid injuries, such as a shoulder injury. Stronger pecs also give you more momentum when performing activities, such as sports. A boxer with powerful pecs throws a harder punch, and a tennis player with strong chest muscles hits the ball harder and with more precision.

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Improving Appearance

Well-defined pec muscles enhance overall appearance. Not only will you look better in a bathing suit, but you’ll also look better in clothing. Most men believe sporting shapely pecs makes them look stronger, as well as more attractive, but building up pec muscles also enhances a woman’s appearance. Although doing chest exercises regularly won’t increase a woman’s breast size, having stronger pecs will help lift and support the breasts.

Building Pecs

Working out pec muscles will assist you in building other muscles. For example, doing bench presses not only build your pecs but also the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back and core. Other chest exercises, such as pushups, will also help you build overall muscle. If you lift weights and want to build bigger pecs, perform a combination of chest exercises to develop your pecs evenly, such as dumbbell and cable flyes and crossovers.

Healthy Workout

Routinely working out major muscle groups throughout your body will help you maintain overall strength, fitness and long-term health. Even if you don’t have access to weights, you can perform exercises using your own body weight to build major muscles, such as the pecs. Determining a simple daily workout routine to adhere to at home will help you keep your pecs and other muscles in shape. For example, performing a regular combination of pushups, squats and some sort of abdominal exercises will suffice.

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