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Throat Chakra Poses

author image Linda Kaban
Linda Kaban is a certified yoga teacher and professional life coach who specializes in helping people achieve their fitness goals. With a bachelor's degree in the humanities, Kaban has been writing since 1998 and has been published in YOGALife magazine along with other healthy living publications.
Throat Chakra Poses
Unblock the throat chakra for greater communication skills. Photo Credit Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Have you ever had words stuck in your throat which you opt to swallow instead of speaking? This could be because your throat chakra is blocked. Located behind the Adam's apple, this the fifth in a series of seven energy centers in your body ranging from your lower spine to the crown of your head. Your throat chakra can benefit from exercises designed to release negative energy and promote well-being.

Exercise One -- Camel Pose

This is a simplified version of Camel Pose in yoga which is designed to open up the front of the body and ensure good blood flow through the throat. Kneeling on the floor, sit back on your heels. If this is too strenuous for your knees come to a standing position. Clasp your hands behind you. Inhale. As you exhale, slowly drop your head back and pull your clasped hands away from your body. Stay in this pose for up to a minute, breathing normally, and when you are ready on an exhale release your hands and slowly raise your head. You can repeat this exercise two to three times.

Exercise Two -- Singing and Chanting

Singing and chanting produce vibrations that positively affect your well-being, according to Professor Graham Welch of the University of London. The throat, larynx and thyroid are stimulated by repeated vocalizations of vowel sounds such as "Om" and "Ah." Chanting the Tibetan mantra will open your throat. Sit in a chair with your back straight. Inhale deeply and then exhale making the sound "Om," which sounds like "from," for as long as you can. Inhale again and exhale the sound "Ah." After your last inhale of this series, release the sound "Hung." Close your mouth towards the end, letting the vibrations wash through your body. Repeat this mantra as often as you need.

Exercise Three -- Lion Pose

A blocked throat chakra will benefit from the Lion Pose. Called Simhasana in Sanskrit, it is the only Hatha yoga pose which involves sound. Come to a kneeling position with toes flat against the floor or curled under. Place your hands on your knees, fingers spread. On an inhale open your mouth as wide as you can while sticking out your tongue. Roll your eyes upward and on an exhale lean forward and make the sound "aah," simulating the roar of a lion. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose. Sit back against your heels and relax your hands. Repeat the sequence two more times.


Gargle with warm salt water after periods of extended chanting.

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