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Abdominal Pain

Upper Right Quadrant Pain and Fats and Sugar

Physicians divide the abdomen into quadrants to evaluate symptoms such as pain. While you may be unable to pinpoint exactly which ...

What Are the Causes of Sudden, Severe Perspiration?

Numerous conditions may cause sudden, severe perspiration. Perspiring or sweating -- the release of a salty liquid from the body's...

When Drinking Orange Juice, I Get Pain in My Upper Right Chest

Orange juice might make a regular appearance at your breakfast table. However, you might forgo it because you have noticed that yo...

What Are the Causes of Left Flank Pain?

Numerous conditions can cause left flank pain, or pain on the left side of the torso. According to the Clinical Methods website, f...

Reasons for Chronic Abdominal Pain

Chronic abdominal pain describes persistent or recurrent pain anywhere in the abdomen, which includes the area from the lower edge...

Abdominal Pain & Appendicitis

The appendix, a pouch attached to the large intestine that hangs between the large and small intestines, contains mucus that drain...

What Are the Causes of Inguinal Neuralgia?

Inguinal neuralgia, also known as post-herniorrhaphy pain syndrome, is a condition associated with chronic pain in the abdominal a...

What Causes Abdominal Pain With Palpation?

Many conditions can cause abdominal pain with palpation. The abdomen is a part of the body that is easily examined by palpation or...

Chest Pain on the Left Side Above the Breast From Too Much Exercise

Pain above your left breast may be a sign of a serious underlying health problem or a minor one. That is why if you experience pai...

Abdominal Pain & Fever

Chest pain and abdominal pain are the most common reasons patients seek help in emergency rooms, according to the Centers for Dise...
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