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What Is the Difference Between Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise?

You may be aware that you should be taking time out of your busy schedule to exercise every week, but what you may not be aware of...

What Is the Role of Glucose in Aerobic Respiration?

During aerobic respiration, cells obtain energy in the presence of oxygen through a series of reactions known as the citric acid c...

Lactic Acid in Exercise Aerobic Respiration

If you've ever been exercising and hit that point where you felt you could not go on, you know about lactic acid. Lactic acid is a...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Aerobic Dance

Give in to your inner wild child with aerobic dance. Moving to music is one of the oldest forms of expression; but it offers benef...

Why Should You Exercise Three Times a Week?

Exercising regularly and eating properly are goals everyone should have, particularly if you struggle to control your weight. Alth...

Sub-Maximal Aerobic Fitness Tests

Aerobic fitness tests are useful for determining your aerobic fitness level and for seeing your improvement after a period of aero...

How to Get Certified to Teach Aerobics

When you have a deep interest for fitness and wellness, becoming an aerobics instructor may be the next step for you to turn your ...

Submaximal Aerobic Type Activities

If you’ve been working out on a regular basis, you already know that the harder you work the more your heart rate goes up. ...

8 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fitness Tracker

Next time you’re in a crowded place -- a restaurant or mall, for example -- take a look around. You’ll see something y...

Can Diet Have an Effect on CPK Levels?

Creatine phosphokinase tests are used to measure trauma to the muscles, including the heart. Abnormal levels may signify heart dis...
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