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Common Symptoms of Anemia

Anemia is a condition where there is a deficiency of red blood cells that reduces the blood's efficiency in carrying oxygen to the...

Aplastic Anemia Symptoms

When the body fails to produce adequate new blood cells, the resulting condition is called aplastic anemia. The Mayo Clinic explai...

What Are the Dangers of Being Anemic?

If you were to look under the microscope at a sample of your blood, you would see scores of red, doughnut-shaped cells known as er...

Causes of Microcytic Hypochromic Anemia

Anemia is a condition marked by inadequate oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. An insufficient number of red blood cells or an ...

Microcytic Anemia in Children

Anemia is a common abnormality. Microcytic anemia, where the red blood cells are smaller than normal, is a disorder which is frequ...

Causes of Macrocytic Anemia

Anemia is the condition of having a low count of red blood cells. These are the cells in the body that carry and distribute oxygen...

Pathophysiology of Pernicious Anemia & Iron Deficiency Anemia

Your red blood cells serve as the primary transporters of oxygen throughout your body. Red blood cell dysfunction can lead to anem...

How Does B12 Deficiency Cause Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

Vitamin B12 plays an integral part in red blood cell production. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, so either a dec...

The Best Natural Iron for Anemia

Anemia leaves you tired and weak. It can cause your heart to thud irregularly and leave you gasping for air even after minimal exe...

Cancer Patients and Pernicious Anemia

Pernicious anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells due to lack of intrinsic factor, which is a stomach protein that ...
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