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Complications of Cardiac Ablation

Cardiac ablation, which is also referred to as catheter ablation, is a surgical procedure used to fix heart rhythm abnormalities c...

Electrolytes & Cardiac Arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias include any interruption in the normal rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Arrhythmias occur as a result of varia...

Blood Electrolyte Imbalance & Heart Arrhythmia

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate and magnesium. Your body uses electro...

Heart Palpitations & Jogging

It’s normal to experience an increase in your heart rate while jogging, but heart palpitations are another matter. Although ...

How to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate's Beats Per Minute

While your heart rate varies depending on your activity, keeping your heart rate within a healthy range may increase your life spa...

Cardiac Arrhythmia and List of Common Cardiac Dysrhythmias

Most people have felt their heart racing or noticed skipped heartbeats at some point. These are fairly common experiences, but som...

Arrhythmia and Taurine

Arrhythmia occurs when your heart beats faster or slower than the normal or follows an irregular pattern. Symptoms of arrhythmia i...

Caffeine & Heart Palpitations

The National Institutes of Health define heart palpitations as sensations of rapid or racing heartbeats. Although this feeling is ...

Herbs That Can Cause Arrhythmias

Several herbs have been known to cause heart arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can result from disturbanc...

What Causes a Fast Resting Heart Rate?

Your resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute when it is at rest -- when you are calm and relaxed. Re...
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