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Continuous Fever in a 6-Month-Old Infant

If your infant has a continuous fever, you might be concerned. Since a 6-month-old infant has a young immune system, watch a fever...

How to Care for a Baby Wood Duck

Wood ducks are colorful, brightly marked waterfowl that frequent wetlands, swamps, marshes and lakes. They are one of only a handf...

When Is a Child's Temperature Considered Dangerous?

Healthy children often develop abnormal body temperatures while fighting off various forms of illness or infection. In most cases,...

How to Measure a Baby's Heartbeat on Doppler

When you’re pregnant, almost nothing is more beautiful to the ear than the sound of your baby’s heartbeat. This sound ...

How to Detect a Baby's Heartbeat

Listening to a baby’s heartbeat while she's still in the womb is one of the most comforting and reassuring things a new pare...

Croup in Infants

Few things scare a parent more than a baby with breathing issues. Croup, with its characteristic barking cough leads to more than ...

How Stomach Teeth Affect a Baby

Typically your baby will first get his incisors, or the four center, flat teeth on both the top and bottom. According to MedlinePl...

My Baby Has a Fever & Red Dots All Over

If your child is suffering from a fever accompanied by a rash, the underlying cause could be a number of things. The condition may...

How Old Do Babies Start Teething & What Are the Symptoms?

Your baby is born with a full set of tooth buds laying in wait just beneath the gum line. They cause no problems until they begin ...

A Baby That Is Coughing & Congested

When your baby is sick with the flu or the common cold, coughing may keep her -- and you -- up all night. If your child's pediatri...
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