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Face Blisters & the Sun

The National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement from May 1989 concludes, "It is ingrained in humans t...

Sunburn Blistering in a Child

When your child suffers blisters with her sunburn, you feel terrible, too. You might wonder what you did wrong or how she got so s...

How to Treat a Blister

Blisters can make even the simplest of tasks a pain — literally. A poorly fitting shoe or repetitive activity that causes fr...

How to Put Moleskin Over a Blister

Blisters are painful. For the competitive or recreational runner, even a small blister can turn a record-breaking race into a slow...

What are the 10 Best Ways to Boost Men's Health?

Men's health issues are a growing concern in the U.S., according to the Office of Men's Health, which reports th...

What Are the Treatments for Toddlers With Blisters?

Blisters, a raised pouch of skin filled with fluid, are typically the result of friction on your toddler's skin, but they're also ...

Nose Blisters in Children

Blisters in and around the nose are extremely painful and can quickly become infected. When children develop nose blisters, they r...

What Are the Causes of Blisters on Hands & Feet?

Blisters are commonly caused by friction from tight shoes, herpes, chicken pox, poison ivy and allergic reactions. More uncommon a...

Foot Blisters and Boxing

The fast-paced nature of boxing matches can cause excess amounts of friction and sweat on your feet, leading to blisters. If you&#...

Sun Blisters on the Skin

You spent too long in the sun or forgot to add that extra layer of sunscreen, and now your skin is blistering. Although these blis...
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