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Brain Cancer

Terminal Brain Cancer Symptoms

Doctors classify brain tumors as cancerous, also known as malignant, or noncancerous, also known as benign. Because the brain resi...

Breast Cancer & Brain Metastases Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for breast cancer is hard to determine, as it depends on the individual patient. The stage of breast cancer, treat...

Brain Cancer Effects

Brain cancer--or brain tumors, as they are more commonly referred to by doctors--can cause significant damage to the brain. Brain ...

About Glioblastoma Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive, incurable cancer that originates in the brain and may invade the spinal cord. Acco...

How to Help Someone With Brain Cancer

If someone you care about receives a diagnosis of brain cancer, you will certainly want to help. It can be difficult, however, to ...

Nutrition for Brain Cancer Patients

Cancer and treatment can negatively impact many parts of your daily lifestyle by depleting your energy stores while leaving you in...

How to Detect Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a serious cancer that may not always be diagnosed properly. Brain cancer has symptoms, such as headaches and nause...

Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Women

Both men and women fear cancer. Many fear developing brain tumors due to environmental factors or everyday activities, like using ...

How to Prevent Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a condition in which malignant tumors develop within the brain. The tumor can originate in the brain or travel to ...

End Stage Brain Cancer Symptoms

According to braintumor.org, a brain tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue in which some cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, app...
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