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Brain Tumors

Eye Tumor Symptoms

Noncancerous and cancerous tumors may develop in the eyes. Less commonly, cancers arising elsewhere in the body can spread to the ...

Common Types of Brain Tumors in Adults

Brain tumors are masses of cells that have grown abnormally and out of control within the brain tissue. When tumors form they can ...

Benign Ovarian Tumors Symptoms

The ovaries can give rise to benign, or noncancerous, tumors. These tumors most commonly occur in women of childbearing age, but m...

A Tumor of the Right Temporal Lobe

The temporal lobes of the brain are located just above each ear. These lobes are associated with auditory perception, visual objec...

Benign Pituitary Tumor Symptoms

The pituitary gland is an endocrine gland at the base of the brain that generates and secretes a number of hormones. The gland is ...

Brain Atrophy Symptoms

A neurological condition that results in brain tissue loss, brain atrophy can occur in small parts of the brain or affect both hem...

Brain Fog Symptoms

Brain fog is a common problem, according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a medical doctor and nutrition consultant who is also president o...

Cholesteatoma Complications

A cholesteatoma is a benign ear tumor that forms when skin abnormally grows behind the eardrum within the middle ear. Symptoms ass...

Chemo Brain Symptoms

"Chemo brain" refers to a set of mental difficulties often experienced by cancer patients after chemotherapy. Chemo brai...

Types of Head Tumors

Head tumors are composed of a mass of cells growing in the head, and can be cancerous or noncancerous. When the cells of the tumor...
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