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How to Care for a Bruised Knee

Knee bruises occur when small blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin break, allowing blood to leak into the soft tissue. Th...

Thin Skin & Bruises

As your skin grows thinner with age, you're likely to bruise more easily, according to the Mayo Clinic. You might not recall that ...

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bruising

Bruises often look worse than they feel. A bruise, also called a contusion or hematoma, results when you bump into something hard ...

What Exercise Can I Do With Bruised Ribs?

Bruised ribs may make it difficult for you to participate in your regular exercise routine. Your 24 ribs serve to protect your vit...

What to Do When Child Gets a Bruise on the Face?

Facial bruising is a common occurrence in small children, whose foreheads often connect with countertops or tables at face height....

Diseases That Cause Easy Bruising in Children

Bruises are hardly unusual in children as they tend to fall down, run into each other and bump the furniture regularly. But bruisi...

What Are the Symptoms of a Bruised Tailbone?

Your tailbone, which is also referred to as the coccyx, is a portion of your spine that consists of the final three to five verteb...

Vitamins or Supplements That May Cause Bruising of the Skin

Bruises occur when blood vessels near the skin’s surface are broken. Blood leaks out of the blood vessels and appears as a r...

Bruised Tailbone Remedies

A bruised tailbone is no laughing matter. While many comedy shows depict people in prat-falls and falling on their bottoms, the in...

What Causes Bruises All on the Bottom of My Feet When I Work Out or Walk Long Distances?

You feel like you've been walking over rocks and your feet look that way. You've got noticeable bruises on the bottom of your feet...
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