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Cervical Ablation Procedures

Cervical ablation is the removal of some of the outer layers of the cervix. Gynecologists perform cervical ablation when there is ...

Exercises After ACDF Surgery for a Stiff Back With Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and is a potential complication following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery. While recovering, avoid...

Anterior Cervical Fusion Complications

Anterior cervical fusion is when a surgeon joins two or more vertebrae into one continuous segment of bone. This fusion is known a...

What Are the Dangers of Moderate Cervical Stenosis?

Cervical stenosis is when the bony spinal canal narrows. Since the spinal cord occupies this space, narrowing may produce pressure...

How to Do Cervical Traction at Home

Cervical traction has been around since the late eighteenth century, according to the website Spine Universe. The purpose of spina...

Uses of Cervical Collars

A cervical collar, also known as a C collar or neck brace, is a medical orthopedic device used to support a portion of a patient&#...

Cervical Traction Contraindications

Cervical traction is a therapeutic tool used to pull or separate the vertebrae in the spine. According to "Therapeutic Exerc...

How to Treat Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis, mainly affects those over 40 and occurs due to deterioration of the c...
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