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Neurological Effects of Chemotherapy on Young Children

Advances in chemotherapy have helped extend the lives of children with cancer. In children with leukemia, which is the most common...

Types of Chemotherapy Catheters

Chemotherapy remains one of the primary forms of cancer treatment. The chemical nature of many chemotherapy medicines necessitates...

Bowel Complications of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment in which cancer fighting drugs are administered to cancer patients orally, topically or...

Uses for Chemotherapy Other Than Cancer

Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, which grow and divide at an abnormally fast rate, according to the National Multiple Scleros...

How Do Chemotherapy Drugs Kill Cancer Cells?

The overall goal of chemotherapy drugs is to kill cells that divide abnormally. This is done by disrupting cell processes related ...

Effects Chemotherapy Has on Urinary Systems

Chemotherapy is often a vital part of a cancer treatment regimen. While the drugs have great benefits for many cancers, there are ...

Protein and Chemotherapy

Consuming adequate amounts of protein is necessary for general health, but especially so when you have cancer and are receiving ch...

Chemicals Used in Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs are used to treat several types of diseases, particularly cancers of various sorts. They work by disrupting a c...

Complications With Chemotherapy

While chemotherapy can increase a cancer patient’s chances of survival, there are serious risks associated with chemotherapy...

Chemo Adverse Effects

Chemo, short for chemotherapy, refers to medication given to cancer patients in an attempt to destroy cancerous cells in the body....
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