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Childrens Health

Amoxicillin Rash in Children

Amoxicillin is a broad-spectrum, penicillin-like antibiotic that’s effective against many of the bacteria that infect the si...

Negative Effects of Junk Food on Kids

Grain-based desserts and pizza as well as soda, sports drinks and energy drinks make up the top sources of calories for kids age 2...

Causes of Red Bumps on a Child's Body

A variety of conditions and factors can cause red bumps to form on a child’s body. These bumps are the result of the body re...

Abcessed Teeth in Children

Abscesses in the teeth are infections deep in the gums and surrounding tissue. Left untreated, infection can spread to other areas...

How Can You Tell if Your Child Has Lice?

When checking a child for lice, it's easier to spot nits, or the lice eggs. Lice move quickly and are difficult to see at 1/10 to ...

The Impact of Reality Shows on Children

Reality television has spread like wild fire, leaving little doubt that your children are likely to come across multiple examples ...

Roseola Rash & Swimming

Two strains of herpes virus create the roseola virus, a common viral infection, which causes fever, followed by a rash. The rash a...

Toddler Acne

Red and irritated skin, small-scale rashes or even blackheads are likely temporary conditions in your toddler. Breastfeeding toddl...

How to Predict Height Growth

Endocrinologists and other doctors calculate the genetic growth potential of children using mid-parental height. The adult heights...

Nutrition Requirements for School-Age Children

In the early 1970s, only 4 percent of school-aged children ages 6 to 12 were classified as obese. By the 2007-2008 school year, th...
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