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What Is Sun Poisoning?

Sun poisoning is an uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing skin rash that occurs in people who are sensitive to sunlight. Alt...

Colectomy Effects

Colectomy is a term used to describe the surgical removal of the colon, also known as the large intestine. Surgeons perform the op...

How to Treat the Flu

The flu is a contagious infection of the respiratory tract, including the lungs, throat and nose. Whether it is the seasonal flu, ...

Post Acne Spot Treatment

If you have pimples, you're far from alone--the American Academy of Dermatology reports that acne, which affects around 5...

Natural Herbs to Reverse Receding Gums

Receding gums are a sign of gingivitis, or even periodontal disease. According to "1000 Cures for 200 Ailments," gingivi...

Acne Treatments for Adults

While most of the approximately 50 million Americans who get acne each year are teenagers, adults also can get pimples, according ...

How to Deal With a Person With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition in which the patient will alternate between periods of hyperactivity (mania) and abnormally...

Side Effects of a Partial Colectomy

A partial colectomy is the surgical removal of a section of the colon. This surgery is used to treat a number of diseases and cond...

Diet Following a Sigmoid Colectomy

The sigmoid colon is the terminal section of your large intestines that attaches to the rectum and anus -- a sigmoid colectomy is ...

Colectomy Postsurgical Complications

A colectomy is a surgical procedure in which all or a portion of a person's colon, or large intestine, is removed by a surgeon. Ty...
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