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What Are the Benefits of Ballet for Kids?

If your child has expressed an interest in dance and longs for her own satin slippers and pink tutu, consider enrolling her in a b...

The Best Dance Exercise Videos

Dancing is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in shape, and the best dance exercise videos are the ones that motivate...

Arabesque Ballet Back Exercises

An arabesque is a traditional ballet move that engages your entire core with emphasis on your lower back. To increase your range o...

How to Do Ballet Stretches

The long, lean limbs of a ballerina are achieved through slow, deep stretching and long hours spent dancing. Major muscle groups t...

How Many Calories Does Hip Hop Dancing Burn?

Hip hop dance is a style of dance that has its roots deep in urban culture. Hip hop is typically danced to upbeat hip-hop music an...

Ballet Exercises for Flexibility

Flexibility is a key factor for ballet dancers. Flexibility exercises will lead to better turnout and extensions, which will in t...

Tips & Exercises to Improve Ballet Pirouettes

Few things frustrate dancers as much as pirouettes. A perfect pirouette starts with a solid, grounded plie, continues with a smoot...

How to Get Better Balance on Pirouettes

You start with the right preparation, sync your movements and start to spot your head, but you still find yourself falling out of ...

Physics of Dance Movements

At its best, dancing appears fluid and effortless. To an observer, it may seem that the dancer is simply leaping, turning and floa...

Turn Out Exercises for Ballet Dancers

One goal of all ballet dancers is a 180-degree turnout of the hips while executing ballet moves. This is naturally easier for some...
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