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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Food for Your Veins

Your body has more than 60,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, venules and arterioles. You have seven major veins that carr...

What Are the Causes of Arm DVT?

Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is a blood clot that develops in a vein deep in the body. The Cleveland Clinic explains that this co...

Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that develops in a vein deep in your body, usually in your thigh or lower leg. The National H...

Soreness Deep in the Calves

Pain in the calves is common in runners, weightlifters and others who frequently use the calf muscles during strenuous activity. T...

Exercises for Long Plane Rides

Spending extended periods of time sitting on a plane can affect your health. According to Qantas airline's website page "...

The Signs & Symptoms of Vascular Problems in the Legs

Vascular problems of the leg can affect the arteries, which bring blood to the legs, or the veins, which carry blood back to the h...

Complications With Lovenox

As stated in "Mosby’s 2010 Nursing Drug Reference," Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium) is a low-weight based heparin used...

Can I Exercise With a Deep Vein Thrombosis?

A common risk of surgery is deep vein thrombosis. DVT is a blood clot that typically develops in the lower extremity, usually in t...

Can I Exercise Wearing Compression Stockings?

Wearing your compression stockings while exercising is not contraindicated and in some cases, even recommended. The question is wh...

Deep Vein Thrombosis & Physical Therapy

Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot develops in the deep veins of your upper and lower legs, an occurrence that can have...
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