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Diabetes Drugs

Medicinal Role of Curry Leaves in Diabetes Patients

Aromatic curry leaves, which come from the small curry tree, are often incorporated into Indian dishes. The curry tree is native t...

Safety of Metformin

Type 2 diabetes mellitus accounts for 95 percent of the diabetes cases diagnosed in the United States, according to the Centers fo...

Most Commonly Prescribed Diabetes Medications

Diabetes medications help people with diabetes keep their blood glucose at optimum levels. Glucose, a type of sugar, is the main s...

Brand Name Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes With No Generic Equivalent

Type 2 diabetes is an increasingly common disease in the United States. The American Diabetes Association reports that, as of 2007...

The Pros & Cons of the Use of GMO Insulin

GMO insulin is also known as synthetic insulin, or human insulin. It is produced with genetically modified bacteria, instead of th...

How to Live With HPV

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are more than 100 different strands of the human papillomavirus, 30 of which can infect t...

Cold Medications Recommended for Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. It's a chronic disease managed by keeping the blood glucose, ...

What Are the Dangers of Tonalin CLA?

Conjugated linolenic acid, or CLA, is a type of fatty acid naturally found in certain foods. In supplement form, it is mainly tout...

Diabetes,Vomiting and Electrolytes

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body either fails to produce or is unable to properly utilize the hormone insulin. Th...

Is Hominy Good for You?

Hominy is another name for dried maize kernels, and this common food is often made into grits. Because maize can be grown in a wid...
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