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A Doctor's Checkup Checklist

All adults should have a yearly physical examination to determine any changes in their health status. The components of a doctor&#...

Buckwheat Diet

Every year, a whole host of new diet books hit the shelves, and new fad diets explode in popularity. It can be difficult to differ...

How to Use Oreganol

Oreganol (oil of oregano extract) has been used for centuries in natural medicine to treat a number of health problems, both inter...

Herbal Breast Products

A number of natural breast-enhancement options exist if you do not want to risk surgery. Applying creams or taking pills made from...

Osteopathic Physicians vs. Chiropractors

The differences between chiropractors and osteopathic physicians seem subtle when the philosophies are compared. The differences b...

Characteristics of Gardnerella Vaginosis

Gardnerella vaginosis, which is more frequently referred to as bacterial vaginosis, is the most common type of vaginal infection i...

Florastor & Thrush

Thrush is the result of an overgrowth of fungi in your mouth. Probiotics, such as those found in the brand name product Florastor,...

Bump in the Underarm

A bump in your armpit may cause discomfort, especially if the bump is large enough to cause friction. A bump can develop in your u...

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Vs. a Medical Doctor

In the United States, patients may be treated by a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) or a medical doctor (MD). Both types of doc...

List of All Types of Physicians

Physicians play an important role in society and have a major affect on most people's lives. Physicians diagnose and treat major a...
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