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Dry Nose

Nose Problems in Dry Climate

To function effectively, the nasal passages must be kept moist at all times, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology. ...

How to Treat a Dry Nose

Discomfort is not the only reason to treat dry nose symptoms. The most important reason to treat dry nose is to help your lungs. T...

Nasal Sprays for a Dry Nose

Along with pointing you in the direction of your favorite meal or reminding you the neighbor’s roses are blooming, your nose...

What Can I Put on My Nose if it Is Dry From Being Sick?

Dry, chafed skin on the nose is very common after a bout with a cold, flu, allergy symptoms or sinus infection. After a week or so...

Dry Patches Around the Nose

Your nose is plagued by dry, itchy, flaky patches that look unpleasant and feel just as bad. Whether caused by infection, sickness...

Dry Nose in the Winter

With the cold of winter often comes a whole host of physical irritations, including a dry nose. If you find yourself suffering wit...

Dry Flaking on the Nose

Dry, flaking skin can be an unsightly problem, especially if it occurs in a highly visible area such as your nose. Although dry, f...

How to Give the Nose Moisture Without Saline Spray

A dry nose causes itching, burning and sometimes bleeding. Although there are several causes for dry nose, there are limited remed...

Extremely Dry Nose

An extremely dry nose can be very uncomfortable, even painful and embarrassing. When your nose is dry, there's a general lack of m...

Can Allergies Cause a Dry Nose?

Allergies manifest themselves with a range of symptoms, including headache, hives, post-nasal drip, a runny nose – and a dry...
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