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Dry Scalp

Essential Oils for Dry Scalp

The best treatments for both oily and dry scalps come from substances that balance oil production rather than dry them out or slic...

What Are the Causes of Inflamed Scalp?

An inflamed scalp can be a sign of infection or irritation. It can also occur from a reaction to allergens on the scalp. The condi...

Super Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can be annoying, though it is common. There are many causes of an itchy scalp and equally as many treatments. To de...

The Best Salon Shampoos for an Itchy Scalp

The causes of itchy scalp, according to the Mayo Clinic, include too much shampooing and not enough cleaning, oily skin and dry sk...

Dry, Flaky Ears

If you notice flaky, dry skin in or around your ears, don't brush your hair over your ears and ignore it. The flakes may be caused...

Could Product Build-Up on Hair Cause Itchy Scalp?

Infrequent shampooing or a buildup of hair products on the hair and scalp can cause your scalp to get itchy, but a number of other...

What Causes a Red, Itchy Scalp?

A red, itchy scalp is not only annoying, it can also be flaky, painful and sore. According to MayoClinic.com, a red, itchy scalp i...

Can Vaseline Be Used for Dry Scalp?

A dry scalp is a common problem, particularly among those who also suffer from dandruff or live in harsh climates with low humidit...

How to Treat Dry Scalp in Babies

Dry scalp is common with babies and is often referred to as "cradle cap." It's appearance can be that of dandruff or of ...

Itchy Scalp With No Flaking

Itching and flaking are common symptoms of dandruff, a skin condition that develops on the scalp in many individuals. This is ofte...
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