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Ear Infections

What to Do If a 7-Year-Old Has an Ear Infection & Doesn't Want to Eat

Ear infections, which are caused by a number of factors, can be an intensely painful ordeal, even for school-age children such as ...

How Long Can Swimmers Ear Linger?

Swimmer’s ear is a term used to describe outer ear or ear canal discomfort caused by infection, irritation or inflammation. ...

What Can I Do to Ease My Swimmer's Ear Pain?

If you spend a significant amount of time at the pool or beach, you have probably suffered from ear pain because of swimmer's ear...

Does an Ear Infection Affect Balance in Toddlers?

Ear infections, one of the most common childhood ailments, can make a toddler miserable. His ears hurt, his head may ache and feel...

External Ear Infection Symptoms

External otitis is a skin infection of the ear canal. As noted in a 2006 review article published in “American Family Physic...

Uses of Gentamicin Sulfate

Gentamicin sulfate is a widely used antibiotic. However, it is not easily absorbed by the body via all routes of administration. G...

How to Heal Infected Stretched Ears

Stretching your earlobe may mean having to deal with an infection. Dr. Michael Hall, a family physician for DuBois Regional Medica...

Baby Ear Infection and Vomiting

Sometimes, the virus that causes ear infections in babies infects the gut. This leads to symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. I...

Herbal Remedy for Inner Ear Infections

An inner ear infection is the result of a bacteria or virus in the middle ear. This type of ear infection is normally the result o...

How to Sleep With Ear Infections

Although most common in children, ear infections occur in people of all ages. Often, ear infections are complications of the cold ...
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