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Remedies for an Earache Due to Wind

An earache can be a miserable experience for anyone but especially for a young child. Otitis media, a middle ear infection, can ca...

Child Waking Up With Earaches

One of the last things parents settling in for bed want to hear is the sound of their child crying from the pain of an earache. Ni...

Earaches & Sore Cartilage

An infection in the ear often causes an earache. Pain from the infection can be felt inside and outside the ear, including the car...

Sharp Pain in the Ears When Jogging

Experiencing sharp pain in the ears is not a typical complaint of joggers. When it does occur, the pain is usually temporary in na...

What Medicines Can You Give a Child for Earache?

Earache is one of the most common ailments that can affect your child. In fact, one type of earache known as otitis media with eff...

How Do I Relieve a Child's Earache?

When your child has an earache, you'd do anything to make him feel better. Whether it's caused by a cold, allergies or simply deve...

Ear Aches After Teeth Extraction

Tooth extractions are done for a variety of reasons: you may have too many teeth, causing overcrowding in your jaw or you may need...

How to Get Rid of an Earache Fast

Ear pain can occur in one or both ears, and can last for a few minutes or a long time, MedlinePlus indicates. An earache might com...
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