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Lineman Workouts

In order to succeed as an offensive or defensive lineman, you have to be big and also explosive and quick. Therefore, a comprehens...

How Did Football Get Started in America?

When football first arrived in America, it resembled the rugby-style game played in England. But with rule changes implemented in ...

The History of Football Equipment

American football first appeared on college campuses. In the 1870s, colleges began to schedule contests with each other for a game...

Touch Football Training Drills

Touch football is a high-paced and physically demanding sport played throughout the United States. Touch football allows the excit...

How to Replace a Football Bladder

Football bladders are similar to an inner tube. When the air valve fails or the bladder is punctured, the best solution is replace...

How Much Time Is Played During a Football Game?

Football has earned a spot as the dominant sport on the American sporting scene, as Super Bowls broadcasts routinely crack 100 mil...

Division 2 College Football Scholarships

As of 2014, Division II football coaches are limited to 36 scholarships. According to the "Standard Times," a team needs...

Football Goal Post Measurements

When the kicker on your favorite NFL team misses a game-winning field goal, it's easy to yell at the TV that such a field goal sho...

How to Play Center in Football

Playing center is one of the most important positions on the offensive line in football. The center starts every play by snapping ...

How to Get Pumped to Play Football Games

Football is a game that requires players to get in the best physical condition possible, to learn the skills of the game and to pr...
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