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Genetic Disorders

Diseases Caused by Genetic Disorders But Not Inherited

A surprising fact about genetics is that there are many syndromes that are termed "genetic," but have not been inherited...

5 Genetic Diseases

Genetic diseases are medical conditions that are the result of faulty or mutated genetic material. The diseases are impossible to ...

Most Common Genetic Diseases

Genetic diseases are caused by defects in genes, segments of DNA that govern specific characteristics in a person. Common genetic ...

Urea & Protein

A delicate balance exists between digestion of proteins and removal of urea from the body. Protein energizes the body at the price...

Loose Neck Skin in Infants

A fold of loose skin on the back of an infant's neck can be a sign of one of several serious syndromes. Although these syndromes m...

Common Genetic Disorders in African Americans

Some genetic diseases, especially sickle cell anemia, occur at a higher frequency in African Americans when compared to other popu...
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