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Heart Rate

Normal Pediatric Pulse Rate

Children have faster pulses than adults because they have smaller heart chambers as well as lower blood volume than adults, result...

Normal Resting Pulse Rate for Women

When someone refers to resting pulse rate, it often means the rate at which the heart beats when the body is at rest. Resting puls...

What Are the Causes of a Low Pulse Rate?

A slow heart rate is a condition known as bradycardia. A normal heart rate falls in the range of 60 to 100 beats per minute. Acco...

Signs & Symptoms of a Low Pulse Rate

A pulse rate is considered normal if it falls between 60 and 100 beats per minutes when a person is at rest. The Mayo Clinic notes...

What Are Normal Pulse Rates When Exercising?

When you exercise, your pulse rate accelerates to help move blood and oxygen through your cells and tissues. Knowing your pulse ra...

The Normal Heart Rate at 15 Months

The heart rate is one of your body’s vital signs, indicating its level of functioning. A normal heart rate varies, depending...

What Is the Relationship Between Physical Activity & the Pulse Rate?

A close relationship exists between physical activity and the pulse rate. During activity, the muscles need to oxidize carbohydrat...

How Cigarette Smoke Contributes to Increasing Pulse Rate

Tobacco is a known stimulant, but millions of Americans smoke to relax every day. Tobacco is a highly addictive stimulant that con...

Why Would a Physically Fit Person's Heart Rate Return to Normal Faster Than an Unfit Person's?

Heart rate recovery is the amount of time it takes for your heart to return to a normal level following exercise. Usually this is ...

Male Average Pulse With Treadmill Exercise

Given all of the variables, finding the correct pulse rate for a guy who runs on a treadmill can be somewhat of an adventure. With...
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