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Home Safety

The Effectiveness of Ethanol Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is a common sight these days. Many office workers keep a bottle near their keyboard. Moms carry it in their diaper ...

How to Feel Safe at Home When You're a Single Woman

As a single woman living alone, you may be concerned about your safety. Creating a secure environment in your home so that you fee...

Chemical Safety for Kids

Accidental poisoning causes the deaths of 87 people every day in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control a...

How to Teach Children About Danger

Because you cannot be with your children constantly, it’s essential to teach your children how to stay safe in a variety of ...

Safety Activity for Kids

As an adult, you know the rules of the road, understand that although the glass cleaner looks like blue raspberry punch it isn't f...

If a Potato Has Roots, Should You Eat It?

By the time a potato has grown roots, it’s on its way to being bad: it may be soft and mealy, with wrinkles and patches of g...
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