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Hormonal Problems

What Foods Increase Testosterone in Women?

Although you may identify testosterone as being a primary male sex hormone, it is an essential element in all aspects of puberty a...

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Testosterone?

Produced primarily by the testicles, testosterone is the hormone responsible for developing male sexual traits and maintaining mus...

Does Breastfeeding Cause Low Progesterone?

You can’t get pregnant without both estrogen, a hormone that helps a mature egg develop and ovulate, and progesterone, a hor...

Low Estrogen Symptoms in Younger Women

Symptoms of low estrogen typically occur in women approaching and experiencing menopause. However, younger women can also experien...

Irritability in Men

Men, like women also experience a fluctuation in mood changes. This can bring about feelings of irritability and mood swings that ...

Depression and High Testosterone in Women

Testosterone is a steroid sex hormone that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy libido in men and women. In men, the test...

Can Certain Vitamins Help With Hormonal Imbalances in Women?

Hormonal imbalances can occur in women of various ages. Menopausal women typically experience symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, ...

How to Increase Testosterone & Growth Hormones

Testosterone and growth hormone are both important for muscle strength, sex drive and energy levels. People often resort to illega...

Hair Loss & Low Testosterone

Hair loss may occur through several mechanisms, however the only form related to testosterone levels is known as androgenetic alop...

Signs of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. This hormone is what makes males appear male. The responsibilities of testosterone include pro...
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