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Medications for Digestive Problems

Your digestive system is composed of your esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, colon and rectum. It is a vital co...

Foods That Give Indigestion

Indigestion produces a feeling of discomfort in the stomach after eating a meal or certain foods. Symptoms include an abnormally f...

Flaxseeds and Digestion Problems

Flaxseeds are a good source of fiber, and are often revered for their natural laxative effects. Available in many forms, flaxseed ...

Does Eating Milk & Crackers Help an Upset Stomach?

An upset stomach may be caused by many things -- a food reaction, an illness, an infection or a medication reaction are the most c...

Digestive Problems With a 2-Year-Old

Most kids will have a digestive problem at some point during childhood. Digestive problems in a 2-year-old often cause only minor ...

Do Mints Help an Upset Stomach?

Mints are herbs long known in folklore for their ability to calm an upset stomach. While the mint family includes many culinary he...

How to Prevent Traveler's Upset Stomach

Traveling can be stressful on your body even before you reach your destination due to nerves or changes in air pressure. Developin...

Mexican Healing Remedies

Herbs and spices are the centerpiece of folk remedies in many Mexican households. The flowers, leaves and seeds are believed to do...

Protein Digestive Problems

All foods and beverages contain certain proteins that are specific to that food or beverage. If your body cannot digest -- or expe...

Digestive Problems From Coconut

Coconut products are in many cuisines around the world and are now easy to find at most supermarkets if you want to reproduce thes...
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