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Kids Activities

Things to Do on the Beach in Makena, Maui

In Hawaiian, Makena means “land of abundance and plenty.” An abundance of fish and other marine animals in the crystal...

Easy Drink Recipes for Kids

The fizz of soda or brightly colored sugar-filled fruit drinks may appeal to your children. Often filled with calories, these drin...

Free Team Building Games for Kids

Team-building activities are a fun way to teach children teamwork, leadership, communication, decision-making and problem-solving ...

Activities to Teach Children How to Follow Directions

Learning to follow directions is a skill that proves useful in many areas. Children need practice at following directions to help ...

Fun Games for 6-Year-Old Boys

Most 6-year-old boys love action and competition, and there are many games that fit that bill. Boys can work on running and throwi...

Kids Activities With Magnets

Magnets are fascinating to children, because they attract and hold certain items as if by magic. In fact, it is a kind of magic --...

Activities to Teach Kids About the Fruits of the Spirit

For Christian families, it is important to teach Biblical lessons to children that provide both knowledge about the Bible and inst...

Things to Do in Faneuil Hall for Kids

Faneuil Hall has a been a center of activity in Boston, Massachusetts, since the days of the American colonies. Now it's a major t...

Family Chain Link Activity for Kids

The simplicity of paper chains allows the entire family to take part in a variety of activities that utilize them. Make paper chai...

Activities for a Kids' Library Orientation

You can help build a life-long love of books and reading in your child by taking him on regular visits to your local public librar...
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