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Leg Pain

Calf & Hamstring Pain

Pain in your calf and hamstring may result from a direct injury, such as landing on your knee, or from repetitive movements, like ...

Tingling in Legs Without Pain

Leg tingling a common symptom that occurs as a result of nerve compromise. Although pain may accompany tingling, it does not alway...

Leg Pain & Electrolytes

Muscle cramping is a common cause of leg pain and can result from dehydration and low electrolytes. Sodium, potassium, magnesium a...

The Pain in My Right Calf Hurts More When I Squat

There are two muscles in the back of the lower leg or calf that, if injured, can produce pain when you squat. Squatting stretches ...

Calf & Thigh Pain When I Touch and Flex

Calf and thigh pain upon touching and flexing can result for a number of reasons, including sciatica, which produces pain along th...

Facts on Tamoxifen & Leg Pain

According to the National Cancer Institute, tamoxifen works like estrogen in preserving bone strength while lowering the incidence...

Knots & Pain in Lower Leg

Knots and pain in the lower leg may occur for a variety of reasons. Some are less severe, such as muscle soreness, while others ma...

Gastrocnemius Tear & Physical Rehabilitation

A tear in your gastrocnemius muscle is also known as calf strain, which can be caused by overuse or through a sudden, forceful con...

Causes of Legs Aching & Pain

In addition to injuries, many medical conditions can trigger leg pain and aching. Chronic arthritic conditions, infections and blo...

What Are the Causes of Leg Pain & Waist Pain?

Numerous conditions can cause waist and leg pain. According to the MedlinePlus website, leg pain can be caused by structures withi...
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