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Macular Degeneration

Eye Deterioration Symptoms

Many eye conditions cause changes in the eye. Though the average person may have a difficult time keeping track of the numerous ey...

How to Choose Magnification of Reading Glasses

As you age, you may notice that reading becomes difficult, and the words on a page look blurry. You may find yourself holding book...

Degenerative Eye Diseases

Any part of the eye can be affected by degenerative changes that decrease vision and interfere with activities of daily living. So...

Homeopathic Treatments for Macular Amyloidosis

Macular amyloidosis is a condition that causes dark brown or gray patches to form on your shoulder blades, chest or arms. Often th...

Does Your Diet Affect Vision?

The nutrients you bring into your body through food and supplements help your body perform functions that keep your organs working...

Eye Exercises for Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration causes progressive damage to the central macula--the part of the retina responsible for seeing color and acut...

Benefits of Eyebright Tea Eyewash on Macular Degeneration

Your macula is an area of sensitive tissue on the back lining of your eye. Damage to the macula may result in macular degeneration...

How Much Lutein Should One Take?

The nutrient lutein naturally exists in a range of foods, particularly green vegetables and your body has particularly rich concen...

Vitalux AREDS Ingredients

Vitalux, a Canadian vitamin manufacturer, produces formulations designed to promote eye health. Vitalux AREDS contains the nutrien...

Does Age Affect Water Loss in Humans?

Sweating, eliminating wastes and breathing contribute to water loss throughout the day. Although the eight glasses of water a day ...
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