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Marathon Training

Cardio 101: How To Start Running

You think running is straightforward. Just put one foot in front of the other, then repeat quickly -- right? Not so fast. As anyon...

How Much Recovery Time is Needed after a Half Marathon?

Running 13.1 miles, or a half-marathon, is an incredible accomplishment. It takes weeks or months of training, hard work and strai...

The Difference in a Sprinter's & a Marathon Runner's Training

Sprinting and marathon running are at opposite ends of the athletic spectrum, as one lasts a matter of seconds and the other goes ...

What Can I do About Sore Muscles after Running a Marathon

After running a marathon, you may feel like celebrating — but your muscles may put you out of commission. Even if you've tra...

Why We're Running Faster Than Ever

One hundred years ago, on the eve of the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, the world records for 100 meters, 1500 meters, and the mara...

How to Refuel After a Marathon

Sure, marathon training is all about physical endurance. But do you know the nutritional musts for finish line success? We sat dow...

Optimum Weight for a Half-Marathon

Many novice runners dream of eventually finishing a marathon, but the half-marathon is an appealing alternative for runners who wa...

Does Running a Long Distance Burn Muscle?

When you run, you fuel your muscles by burning calories in the form of complex carbohydrates. Your muscles are analogous to the en...

What Are Half Marathon Split Times?

When training for a race such as a half marathon, timing different sections of the race, or splits, are used to help improve perfo...

How to Lose Weight While Training for a Marathon

Running a marathon is a major accomplishment of physical and mental endurance. Training is rigorous, but the satisfaction of compl...
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