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Martial Arts Styles

How Does Boxing Affect the Brain?

Although there are many virtues to boxing, the sweet science has a sour history when it comes to brain injuries. Muhammad Ali best...

The Best Martial Arts for Women's Self Defense

The world can be a dangerous place for women. Women are victims of violent crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence on a d...

Iron Fist Training

Conditioning for many of the hand strikes of kung fu -- iron fist training -- involves striking progressively heavier and harder s...

List of Martial Arts Fighting Styles

One would be tempted to assume that because the human body can only move in a limited number of ways, fighting styles would also b...

Which Fighting Style Matches Your Personality?

Your fighting style should match your personality and body type if you are to become proficient. Martial arts like Shotokan Karate...

How to Wrap a Sprained Hand in an ACE Bandage

A sprain is a ligament injury caused by excessive stretching of the ligaments. A sprain can be sustained by exercising or exaggera...

Ancient Japanese Samurai Training Methods

The warrior class of feudal Japan, the samurai have become almost mythical with their reputation for personal fortitude and toughn...

Stealth Techniques of Ninjutsu

The abilities of ninja to remain unseen and undetected have acquired a nearly legendary status in popular media. Originally taught...

Sumo Wrestling Techniques and Training Routines

In the Japanese sport of sumo, two opponents struggle for physical supremacy, each attempting to wrestle, shove or carry their foe...

Krav Maga Fitness Training

The Israeli military teaches Krav Maga, a hand-to-hand fighting system that is designed to quickly neutralize an enemy by any mean...
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