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Memory Loss

Reasons for Debilitating Fatigue & Short-Term Memory Loss

Fatigue is a common occurrence most likely caused by everyday stresses such as work and home life. Most people will suffer from mi...

Will Vitamins Help Improve Memory?

Your brain must be kept in top condition to guarantee you clear mind, a strong capacity for learning, a good mood and an air-tight...

Vitamins to Improve Hearing

The ability to hear is one of your most vital biological functions. Hearing loss is a common condition, as hearing tends to deteri...

What Are the Short Term Effects of Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is 100 times stronger than morphine, which is considered ...

Memory Loss and Old Age

If you’ve been around grandparents as they age into their seventies and above, you may have noticed the decline in some ...

Vitamins That Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of your muscles and joints to move through their full range of motion, and substances in your muscles a...

Vitamins for Memory Loss

Memory is an important mental function that enables us to recall facts, ideas, sensations and impressions. There are three types o...

Herbal Remedies for Memory Loss

Mild forgetfulness affects most people at some point in their lives. You may become forgetful or struggle with concentration when ...

Examples of Short-Term Fitness Goals

Creating short-term goals is a smart way to attain big results. Baby-stepping your way towards attainable goals will keep frustrat...

Memory Loss in Children

Memory loss, also referred to as amnesia, is typically associated with aging. However, several factors may lead to memory loss in ...
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