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Can Vitamins Enhance Estradiol Levels in Menopausal Women?

During menopause, hormone levels, including estradiol levels, decline in women and the ovaries stop producing eggs. Estradiol is a...

Menopause & Sweating

Some women go through menopause without any symptoms; others have intense sweating, mood and physical changes. Menopause is a horm...

Estrogen Vs. Hormone Replacement Therapy

As women age their bodies produce less estrogen, and the effects can include mood swings, hot flashes, memory problems and other u...

What Are the Physical Symptoms of Menopause in Women?

Menopause in the 21st century is the norm, not the exception. According to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, the average life expect...

Beginning Signs of Menopause

Menopause in Greek terms means “the end of the monthlies.” Menopause occurs on average between the ages of 45 and 55. ...

Drug-induced Menopause

Women can experience drug-induced menopause as a side effect of chemotherapy, or after taking a drug designed to intentionally sto...

Menopause & Bowel Changes

Menopause is a part of life that all women eventually experience. Although many are happy to be free of menstrual periods, menopau...

Post-Menopause Weight Gain

As women go through menopause, many gain unwanted pounds notes the University of Maryland Medical System website. Weight gain afte...

Menopause & Baldness

Menopause typically occurs during the early 50s. It marks the end of fertility and menstruation. During menopause, the ovaries beg...

Are There Foods That Help With Menopausal Hot Flashes?

According to the North American Menopause Society, hot flashes can happen at any time -- day or night. Although other hormonal con...
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