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Nutrition Information for Desserts and Snacks

Nutritional Value of Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a delicious and luxurious treat, but they're a surprisingly healthy and diet friendly one as we...

Nutrition Information for Odwalla Bars

Odwalla bars are billed as a kosher and non-GMO, or genetically modified organism, means for gaining nutrition. Odwalla bars also ...

Dunkin Donuts Nutrition Information Summary

Dunkin' Donuts is a breakfast chain restaurant that is famous for its donut selection and fresh-brewed coffee. Donuts are often fr...

What Vitamins Are in Peanuts?

According to the Peanut Institute, peanuts contain fats, protein and fiber that are beneficial in promoting health and reducing th...

Original Gourmet Suckers Nutritional Facts

A sucker might be a healthier candy or dessert option compared with high-fat and high-calorie chocolate bars, cookies, cakes and p...

Calories in a Banana Milk Shake

Milk shakes usually have lots of calories, but this can vary based on the types of ingredients added. Adding banana to a milk shak...

What Is the Nutritional Value of Peanuts?

Peanuts are not true nuts, but instead belong to the legume family, which also includes beans and lentils. You can enjoy them raw ...

Chocolate and Vitamins

Since its discovery over 2,000 years ago by ancient Meso-American cultures, chocolate has been cherished as a delicious and highly...

Nutritional Information for Dubble Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble is a brand of chewing gum invented in 1928 by Walter Diemer, an accountant at the Fleer Candy Company. Dubble Bubble...

Nutri-Grain Bar Nutrition Information

Nutri-Grain cereal bars are a convenient option for breakfast or as a snack. While the bars provide a good source of many nutrient...
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