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Road Biking

Trek vs. Specialized Road Bikes

Trek and Specialized, along with Giant, comprise the so-called "Big Three" of companies serving independent bike dealers...

Road Biking Knee Pain

There are many scenarios that can lead to knee pain in cycling, but the most frequent causes are: improper saddle height, improper...

Effective Vitamins for Cyclists

Cycling requires stellar physical strength and endurance. Riders have to do all they can to keep their bodies in top physical cond...

The Best Aluminum Road Bikes

Not all aluminum bike frames are created equal. T6 grade aluminum which is used in airplanes offers stronger frames due to its hea...

The Best Overshoes for Cycling

Cycling overshoe designs either keep warmth in and elements out or allow for aerodynamics while utilizing pedal-attachment cycling...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cycling

The design concept for the bicycle dates back to the time of DaVinci, however, it was another 150 years before an early version wa...

How to Fix Bicycle Cranks

Bicycle cranks -- the arms between the pedals and the bottom bracket -- may need replacing if they are too long or short for your ...

Bike Tours in Holland

With its multitude of bike paths and pro-cycling culture, Holland is a natural destination for a cyclist's vacation. About a quart...

The Relationship Between Proper Nutrition and the Krebs Cycle

Your cells' metabolism involves a number of chemical processes that transform nutrients from the foods you eat into usable ene...

Review of Cycling Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses offer the best protection from all angles while cycling. Better pairs geared specifically to the sports mind...
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