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Salad Recipes

How to Build Any Salad Like a Boss

This DIY salad guide can help you build a perfectly balanced salad bowl every time. Start with a base of greens and add layers usi...

Applebee's Caesar Salad Nutrition Information

Applebee’s is a casual dining restaurant offering a variety of menu choices, from pasta and burgers to chicken and steak. Al...

Portillo's Chopped Salad Calories

Although salads are often low in carbohydrates and calories, the chopped salad at Portillo's contains considerable amounts of each...

Egg Salad Nutritional Information

Whether for a school-lunch sandwich filling, a fancy picnic spread or on top of some greens, egg salad provides plenty of protein ...

Spinach Salad Nutrition Information

A heaping helping of spinach not only provides a healthy dose of vitamin A and C, folate, iron and calcium, but may also boost you...

How to Eat Mulberry Leaves in a Salad

Various cultures have relied on leaves from red and white mulberry trees for their medicinal properties. The American Diabetes Ass...

How to Cut Romaine Hearts for a Salad

Romaine lettuce is an unusually versatile salad ingredient. It combines the dark color and nutritional value of leafy lettuces wit...

8 Innovative Salad Recipes, No Lettuce Needed!

As healthy as they are, greens can be a drag. First off, lettuce gets boring. Then washing them, drying them, chopping them... Prepping just the greens can be a multistep process. Plus, have you ever skipped making a fresh salad because you didn’t have any greens on hand? Good news: There is life after lettuce, thanks to a mix of hearty seasonal veggies like zucchini, radishes and cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of savory herbs and accents of juicy, sweet fruit. These eight recipes leave out the lettuce, but keep the flavor and nutrition intact.

9 Colorful Summertime Salads for a Crowd

Move over, boring salads: It’s time to create modern takes on classics like potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw and more. These new, easy salads are perfect for picnics, cookouts and casual get-togethers. And they’re ideal for a crowd because each recipe makes at least eight servings. Double the recipes for a big party or you can halve them if you’re feeding just a few. They’re relatively quick to fix, with hands-on prep time for each recipe at 12 minutes or less and even better, most are vegetarian. But all nine are simple, scrumptious and colorful ways to boost your veggie intake!

10 Warm Salads to Keep You Lean

We often opt for salads because “they’re good for us” -- they’re loaded with nutrients and, if done right, can help keep us lean -- but they can get a little ho-hum with the same old veggies and toppings. An easy way to make a fresh, crisp salad more interesting is to add a little heat (as in temperature)! Here are 10 warm, plant-based salads that are full of fiber and nutrition. Enjoy them as a side salad or double up the portion and make them a meal.
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