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Shoulder Injuries

Swimmer's Shoulder Rehab Exercises

Swimmer's shoulder is an inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder that is often caused by the repetitive overhead arm motio...

Basketball Shoulder Injuries

The physical demands of basketball provoke large numbers of knee and ankle sprains, but rotator cuff problems represent frequent b...

Shoulder Press Injuries

The shoulder press or military press is a basic, upper body exercise targeting all the major shoulder muscles. The exercise is com...

A Subluxation of the Humeral Head

The shoulder, or glenohumeral joint, consists of a ball at the head of the humerus, the upper arm bone, and a socket called the gl...

Boxing & Shoulder Injuries

The repetitive punches that a boxer throws during training sessions can lead to injuries of the shoulder involving muscles, ligame...

Home Exercises for a Weak Shoulder From an Injury

Shoulder pulls and strains can cause inflammation in the joint, resulting in weakened shoulder muscles. Rehabilitation exercises c...

Can I Do Push Ups After Shoulder Dislocation?

A shoulder dislocation is a painful injury that can result from playing competitive sports, an automobile accident, a fall or a co...

Shoulder Injuries & Playing Tennis

If you’ve been playing tennis for any amount of time, chances are good that you, or someone you know, have suffered from sho...

How Do You Wrap a Shoulder?

Also known as a shoulder spica, shoulder wraps prevent excessive motion and provide joint comfort to an unstable shoulder. Shoulde...

Shoulder Stiffness Exercises After Clavicle Fracture

Also commonly known as your collarbone, your clavicle is the bone that rests across your shoulder and connects to the top of your ...
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