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Shoulder Pain

Rules for Corn Toss Game

The corn toss game, or cornhole, provides entertainment and exercise at cookouts, campgrounds, beaches and college campuses. Peopl...

Knots After a Hard Shoulder Workout

A killer shoulder workout can sometimes plague shoulders with small, thick knots, also called trigger points. Your body, thinking ...

What Are the Causes of Right Shoulder Pain?

There are numerous causes of right shoulder pain. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes o...

Shoulder Pain From Swimming

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, and swimmers use it to rotate the arm overhead and move quickly through the w...

Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

As one of the most mobile but more unstable areas in the human body, the shoulder is prone to a variety of problems. According to ...

Upper Arm & Shoulder Pain When Tightening Arm

Shoulder and arm pain can be debilitating, affecting your posture and daily activities. This pain can be referred pain from a hern...

Squats and Shoulder Pain

Squats are a great functional lower body exercise and a staple of any well-rounded weight training regimen. But for some folks, th...

Pain and Swelling in the Shoulders, Arms and Hands

Pain and swelling in your shoulders, arms and hands could be a symptom of a variety of conditions, including arthritis, a traumati...

Under-Shoulder-Blade Pain When Cycling

The causes of pain in the shoulder blade are usually from muscles, ligaments and tendons. This can be attributed to poor riding po...

How to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint for many people. Long hours spent hunched over in front of the computer or driving in the ca...
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