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Soup Recipes

How to Cook a Whole Chicken for Soup

Although soup is a part of almost every culture, chicken soup has deep roots in Jewish tradition. An integral part of Passover mea...

What Are the Benefits of Pea Soup?

For a comforting starter or simple meal on a cool day, try a bowl of pea soup. You can buy it ready-to-eat or condensed, or make y...

What Are the Types of Pho?

There are two basic types of pho -- beef or chicken -- as well as dozens if not hundreds of variations. Both pho bo, the traditio...

How to Use Bouillon Cubes to Make Chicken Broth

Canned chicken broth takes up a great deal of space on pantry shelves, while homemade broth takes a considerable amount of work. B...

How to Remove Chili From Soup

Whoops. You labored over your soup all evening but then got distracted for a second and dumped in too much chili powder or chili ...

How to Thicken Chicken Soup

It's never too late to thicken chicken soup, and it usually works out better to thicken later than earlier because you can cho...

Soup Can Exercises

Soup cans might be too light for some exercisers, but for someone with arthritis or someone who might be recovering from an injury...

How to Cook Dried Beans Without Soaking

Budget-friendly dried beans are packed with protein and fiber, but cooking them has long been an all-day event. Soaking the beans ...

How to Make Chicken Soup with Chicken Breast

Known as much for easing cold symptoms as for soothing nearly every type of soul, chicken soup is an easy-to-assemble meal. You ca...

Can You Make Chicken Soup With Legs & Thighs?

Frugal home cooks know that nearly every part of a chicken tossed into a pot makes good soup. However, for hearty, flavorful soups...
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