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Spinal Cord Disorders

A Spinal Cord Injury With Paraplegia

Spinal cord injuries are becoming more and more common. In fact, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that there ar...

Types of Neurologists

Neurologists are physician specialists. They diagnose and treat diseases or injuries of the brain, central nervous system, spinal ...

Nerve Regeneration Supplements & Spinal Cord Injury

Each year thousands of Americans receive spinal cord injuries primarily as a result of motor vehicle accidents and falls. The effe...

About Glioblastoma Tumors

A glioma such as a glioblastoma, also called glioblastoma multiforme, is a type of tumor that develops from the glial cells in the...

Central Cord Syndrome Exercises

Central cord syndrome occurs when a traumatic injury partially damages the cervical cord in your spine. The force of the trauma ne...

Exercises for a Tethered Spinal Cord

A tethered spinal cord hinders normal movement of the spine due to an abnormal attachment of the spinal cord within the spine. Thi...

Causes of Brain Stem Atrophy

The brain stem, the bottommost section of the brain, connects the rest of the brain with the spinal cord. This means that all nerv...

C5 Spinal Cord Injury Complications

MayoClinic.com reports that a spinal cord injury can have debilitating effects on a patient. It can cause permanent disability or ...

Prognosis for Tethered Spinal Cord

A tethered spinal cord can present the patient with neurological impairments that can vary widely, from barely recognizable to pro...

A Fracture of the Lumbar Spine

Fractures of the lumbar spine, five vertebrae found at the lower end of the back, can have serious long-term consequences. The ver...
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